People Are P*ssed That Chris Brown Wished Rihanna a Happy Birthday

First of all, happy birthday Rihanna! We are not worthy of this Pisces goddess with killer footwear and flawless foundation. Seriously, there’s a lot to celebrate today. What’s less celebration-worthy is Chris Brown joining in on the birthday wishes. Yep, Brown shared a baby photo of young Robyn Fenty on his Instagram wishing her a happy birthday.

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29 thoughts on “People Are P*ssed That Chris Brown Wished Rihanna a Happy Birthday

  1. Those dumb ass people, Who the Fuck are you to judge him man, let the man live his life, everybody makes mistakes and nobody asked for your forgiveness, the incident wasn’t one sided aight and if rihanna forgave him who the hell are you?? Your opinion don’t matter.

  2. 1:06 bruh you hit first omlllll but of course if Rihinah beat Chirs to death no one would give a shit, but if he even tried to defend himself with just a tiny hit then everyone would jump on him back for it. In this situation he took matters into his own hands and put her in place . What he did might not have been right but for goodness sake this is ridiculous.

  3. I don't know 😞Why people Still puts him down after the mistake he had with Rihanna.. If Rihanna forgaved him yall should forgive him too😒…likeeee that's really annoying. . . At least support him about his music and give him compliments….instead of Arguing over the same thing that happened 8 Years ago 😒 😒 😐

  4. Can't people regret their actions for crying out loud you can't hating on people cuz of their past this is so not cool
    so hard to be a celeb cuz people are waiting fr d slightest opportunity to bring u down
    he sincerely apologised so thank y'll fr hsting👐

  5. chris brown breaths 13 year old rihanna fans: HEY STOP THAT U FKING WOMAN ABUSER U CANT EVEN THINK ABOUT OUR QUEEN U STALKER!! Can yall get over this bullshit allready? That shit happend like years ago and chris was hella young too.

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