People Shade the Struggling NRA by Sending Their ‘Thoughts and Prayers’

Times are reportedly rough for the National Rifle Association. And Americans are responding in an appropriate—and entertaining—way.

According to a recent Rolling Stone report, the gun lobbying organization is dealing with serious financial challenges that will potentially lead to its demise. The NRA has reportedly filed a lawsuit against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, claiming the state government initiated a “blacklisting campaign” that pressured insurance companies and financial entities to cut ties with their group. The NRA says the so-called “campaign” has resulted in “tens of millions of dollars in damages” that could jeopardize the organization’s future.

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21 thoughts on “People Shade the Struggling NRA by Sending Their ‘Thoughts and Prayers’

  1. Somebody from Cuomo past needs to come forward and say he molested them and get him out of power. He is already sending cops door to door and taking New Yorkers guns away. Time to fight dirty like he does.

  2. Oh hell NAH COMPLEX yall over there trying to throw subtle shots at NRA and on all gun owners mann fuck yall..Yall did that bullshit with always taking that broad Hillary Clinton side and always trashing Trump but now yall doing this shit with gun laws and gun owners….fuck Complex for real real….yall need to open yall eyes n see that subtle shot "struggling NRA" complex some pussys

  3. This criminal and indignant scumbag Andrew Cuomo is a sickening piece of shit. This prick thinks he's a toughguy but in reality he is a spoiled twat that never experienced a hard day in his PUNK life.

  4. I live in Florida. I am a gun owner and member of the NRA. Why is the current Administration claiming they are pro-nra? Florida law has just changed now you have a 5 day one full week wait before you can purchase a gun! It was a 3-day wait now it is a week? What is the point of this?

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