People Try Taco Bell’s Secret Menu

“I’m already feeling indigestion.”

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46 thoughts on “People Try Taco Bell’s Secret Menu

  1. The only thing I have problem with is hot cheetos them bitches setting my toilet on fire ! And I hate when people say taco bells cheese is fake WELL THEN DON'T EAT IT THEN!… IT TASTE GOOD AND IT'S BOMB

  2. Taco bell is heavily processed hence why you gotta $h!t after you eat it take a burrito or Doritos locos taco and open it up and look at the pasty brown spread looking stuff that they try to pass off as beef or whatever may have you and then tell me that's real meat

  3. I feel like Keith and Zach might have been stoned during this. They’re playing with their food, their eyes looks unfocused and glassy and they were a lot slower this video 😂😂 idk but it would be a good idea to light up before one of these shoots anyways

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