People Turned Super Bowl Sunday into Janet Jackson Appreciation

Janet Jackson has already confirmed that she will not be performing at the Super Bowl alongside former collaborator Justin Timberlake. Some were surprised that Justin was invited back to the event, given the infamous “wardrobe malfunction” he caused at the 2004 Super Bowl. To call out the way people seem to have forgiven him more easily than Janet for “nipplegate,” Black Twitter supported her on Super Bowl Sunday with the hashtag #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay.

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47 thoughts on “People Turned Super Bowl Sunday into Janet Jackson Appreciation

  1. Just saw the video and now I see, justin dint react when he realized janets breast was totally showing… I mean, if I was him, i would instinctively try to cover it

  2. If Justin Timberlake was black and did the same exact performance, black twitter would be tweeting shit about "black excellence" with gifs of black women clapping.

  3. OMG…that halftime show was straight garbage!! One of the worst. Never sing love ballads at the Superbowl!!! They needed either rock legends or hip hop artists…or both, to hype up the show. It was trash!!!

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