PETA Wrote an Open Letter to Drake Urging Him to Part Ways with Canada Goose

In case you weren’t aware, Drake did the most Drake thing possible and revealed that he’s a vegetarian last week. The news came during one of the rapper’s gaming sessions on Twitch on Wednesday night, when Drake told another Fortnite player that he “[doesn’t] eat meat anymore.” Animal rights organization PETA took note, and now the group has penned an open letter to the rapper about his choice and what he plans to do with his collaboration with Canada Goose, a brand that uses fur in many of their styles.

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22 thoughts on “PETA Wrote an Open Letter to Drake Urging Him to Part Ways with Canada Goose

  1. Ask these morons what happens when a lion is Hungry, or a coyote ! They eat sushi, only mostly meat. You want to protest. Go to Africa and stand in a middle of a pack of wild lions and protest ! You morons are not only hypocrites. You are very ignorant about nature. Grow up and become a man, and not someone who tries to teach others about real life. The lion goes after and kills it's prey. So does the coyote. God gave dominion over all species.You  ever wonder why people call you liberals pussies. There you go !!

  2. Man, Animals are going to get eaten regardless. Its the circle of life, We are mammals hust like every other animal, and just like every other animal we gotta eat. Unless you got a new diet, dont stress yourself tryna eat grass and dirt off the ground while your neighbors are eating that same pig/chicken you tried to save

  3. Bruh stfu they never happy like nigga chil, just because you don’t eat meat doesn’t mean he do it for the animal. Plus Canadian Goose has been a big part of the Canadian Street Culture

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