Pete Davidson & Kaia Gerber CONFIRM Their Relationship!

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Pete Davidson and Kaia Gerber have seemingly confirmed their speculated relationship.

What’s up guys and happy Friday, it’s Sussan Mourad back here on Clevver News, and cuffing season is in full effect, and Pete Davidson is not missing a beat when it comes to cuffing up one of the hottest girls in Hollywood!

Pete Davidson and his newest lady love Kaia Gerber pretty much confirmed they’re in lurve! Okay, maybe not love, but they’re going steady as the old folks say!

The couple, who were first linked in October, were spotted holding hands as they left a grocery store on Wednesday looking rather pleased with each other, and I’m no expert, but in relationship terms, holding hands is pretty serious.

In true Pete Davidson nature, things appear to be moving quickly for these two. Since last month, the two have been basically inseparable ever since.

Sources also revealed to E! News that, “They have been friends for a while now and run in the same friend circle, but became romantic recently. They started hanging out alone more often after meeting up in NYC in October.”

Back when rumors started circulating, one onlooker even caught the two enjoying dinner together at the popular brunch restaurant Sadelle’s in New York City.

The pair seemed to really enjoy themselves in the photo while sitting in a cozy corner booth and enjoying some casual bevs.

Considering their constant outings and time spent together, Pete and Kaia both seem to really be investing time into their relationship despite living on completely different sides of the country.

The source also revealed that they were more recently spotted in Malibu, but Kaia returned to NYC with Pete to support his current work commitments, which involved “making poop.”

Yes, I know what you’re thinking that’s disgusting! Well let me explain!
According to PageSix, Kaia came out to see the “SNL” star at a New York Comedy Festival event, a quiz show called “Let’s Make a Poop.” She was spotted backstage with Davidson at Murmrr in Brooklyn

They said, “Kaia expressed she loved Pete’s personality. She thinks he is charming and is very intrigued.” The two also seem to have their past relationship blunders to bond over.

Kaia opened up in a recent interview back in September that due to her demanding career, she just didn’t have “the energy to flirt with anyone.”

She then admitted to picking up habits of a 70-year-old woman, saying, “I have backgammon at my house, and that’s all a girl needs. When I’m home, I’m living the life of a 70 year old woman.”

…annnnd something tells me she actually isn’t even joking about that bit of info.

BUTTT maybe small inital statement necklaces will get Kaia out of her 70-year-old woman funk! Just last week we told you guys about Kaia repping a ‘P’ necklace at a red carpet event. Many speculated that this was a symbol of Pete Davidson, a nod at her new romance if you will!

However, we do know that Kaia has a brother named Presley whom she is very close with! So, the great debate about who the ‘P’ necklace stands for is well still up for debate!

The two have been trying to keep a somewhat low profile – no public making out during a sports event, or permanently branding their bodies with tattoos of each other – that we know of anyway.

Earlier this month, however, Cindy Crawford’s rep denied reports that she warned Pete to stay away from her daughter, and although sources still insist that the two are “just friends”, this just goes to show that you probably shouldn’t believe everything you hear.

That said, I want to hear what YOU have to say about Kaia and Pete’s relationship. Are you happy to see them together? And are you also happy to see Pete in a good place?

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