Pete Davidson on His Love for Kid Cudi, Life After Rehab and Donald Trump’s Weird SNL Appearance

Pete Davidson joins “Open Late with Peter Rosenberg” for a candid and hilarious conversation about everything from interacting with Donald Trump on “SNL” to his time in rehab to his relationship with Justin Bieber and love for Kid Cudi.

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35 thoughts on “Pete Davidson on His Love for Kid Cudi, Life After Rehab and Donald Trump’s Weird SNL Appearance

  1. “Likes jesus so much that there’s nothing begins his eyes when he talks” that’s mind control from a cult. That’s what people said about me when I was in them.

  2. I think Trump just need some real friends. Sounds like he wants to just fit in. I think he maybe at the point in his life that he realizes all the people around him are bought. Kinda like the old man in the movie "Disorderlies" or "The Toy". It's just an educated guess. Probably feels uncomfortable around people because of all the bullying an insults he receives. You'd be surprised when you have a honest conversation what you may find out about a person you think is a bad person. Glad Pete shared his opinion about Trump.


  3. People who use drugs to excess are usually emotionally damaged. I thought that was well-known at this point. I know from experience. My theory is that neglected and abused people have either never felt or haven't felt in a long time a good feeling, such as love or joy. So the drugs give you such a relief from the pain, who would want to go back to that? It gives you temporary pleasure and phony happiness, and you can imagine what that would feel like to someone that never feels that. It makes you feel whole for a little while…either that or just puts you so far out of your mind you can't think or feel anything at all.

  4. So it’s cool to smoke abnormal sized blunts? Man I was just like this at his age. Lol. Man. Cringe 😂
    We’ll grow up soon Pete my dude. I’m 48 and I’m almost there 😂

  5. I love how the audience went dead silent and was "ooooo"ing the whole time they were talking about joe biden. Like, get over it. It's comedians making jokes. Sure Pete got passionate about it, but he knew he was making jokes the whole time, and nobody followed because politics make them that flakey.

  6. Pete is truly an icon, the realest. The weed really does help with my anxiety too and it’s hard to for other people to understand that. It’s really great that he speaks out of this

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