Police Dashcam Captures Truck Crashing Through Auto Parts Store

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The man that crashed into Advanced Auto Parts in Summerville Wednesday has been identified as a 90-year-old disabled veteran, according to a Summerville Police accident report. Elton G. Wright, of Menlo, said he thought he was pressing the brake pedal on his gray 2010 Ford F-150. Instead, it was the gas. The accident happened around 4:43 p.m. Officer Lt. Tim Fulmer was already searching for Wright’s truck because other motorists had called and expressed concern about Wright’s driving. Fulmer spotted Wright stopped at the auto parts store. Fulmer parked behind the truck and walked up to the driver’s side door. Fulmer opened the truck door and the buckled 90-year-old turned his head toward the officer, smiled and greeted Fulmer. Then it happened.”[The truck] then rolled forward slightly at which time I asked [Wright] if his vehicle was in park,” Officer Fulmer stated.

But it was too late. The vehicle lunged forward over a concrete parking stop. “[The truck immediately accelerated forward at a high rate of speed jumping over the curb onto the sidewalk area. [The truck] then crashed through the front window of the store continuing to travel at a high rate of speed through the interior merchandise area of the building. [The truck] then came to rest near the rear parts counter area inside the store,” Lt. Fulmer said. “Employee Thomas Carter reported that he was struck on the face by flying debris during the time of the accident but that he was uninjured.” No one was injured in the crash. Wright refused treatment by EMS but was later taken to a Rome hospital for evaluation.

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