Police Dashcam Shows Mobile Home Explosion in Cypress, California

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An explosion at a mobile home park in Cypress was caught on camera, and police were able to rescue someone from inside moments before. The incident happened on Lincoln Avenue Thursday afternoon. Cypress police officers had their dash camera rolling when they were the first to arrive. “It was very dark smoke coming out of every window at this point,” said Officer Melissa Grove from the Cypress Police Department. Neighbors quickly told them one man had already been burned, but another was alongside the home trying to douse the flames. With the fire burning out of control, the officers went in to get him out.

“We pulled him. He was hanging on to something very tightly, and that broke, and we got him out right before it blasts,” Grove said. “It was really shocking, especially when you’re not expecting it,” said Officer Ed Pastor from the Cypress Police Department. Orange County firefighters say oxygen tanks caused the explosion. Firefighters were able to douse the flames before they spread to any other homes. One man who had been sleeping inside the mobile home when the fire erupted was taken to the hospital with burn injuries.

Pictures from the scene of the explosion:

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