Police K-9 Takes Down Driver After Refusing To Get Out Of Car

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A Canton man is recovering in the hospital after a traffic stop. Ronald Wagner II was pulled over Sunday by an Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper for not having a front license plate. Wagner refused to get out of his vehicle, so the trooper called the Canton Police Department for help. The officers brought a K-9, who bit down on Wagner, getting him out of the car. Wagner argues it’s within his rights to stay in his car. “I’m staying inside my vehicle, where my rights are protected by the Fourth Amendment,” Wagner argued. When asked why he didn’t comply with officers. He responded, “Once you comply, you give up your rights. I didn’t want to give up my rights, so I did not consent.” Wagner has been in the hospital since the incident on Sunday. He has undergone two surgeries, but was expected to be released Tuesday night. He says he is considering a lawsuit. Canton police say they incident is under review.

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