Police Officer and Good Samaritans Save 2 Women From Burning Car

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A North Brunswick police officer and several good Samaritans rescued two women trapped in a car that caught fire after crashing Wednesday afternoon in Middlesex County. North Brunswick police released 15 minutes of officer Anthony Torres’ body camera footage, which showed their heroic efforts as first responders and passers-by combined to aid the injured women along the side of Route 130. “There is no doubt that lives were saved by the officer and good Samaritans who chose to pull over and help,” Capt. Brian Hoiberg said in a statement. Officer Anthony Torres was on patrol along the highway around 3 p.m. when he came upon a smoking SUV crashed into a wooded area near Finnegan’s Lane.

Torres first raced to check on the woman before he retrieved a knife from his patrol car and cut the disoriented driver from her seatbelt. Then Torres and several motorists who had stopped to help bent the door frame so the women could be pulled from the car. As flames shooting from the hood of the SUV grew, the rescuers helped the passenger escape through a window. The group then freed the driver and carried her safely away from the vehicle, which soon became engulfed in flames. Firefighters and emergency workers soon arrived to extinguish the blaze and treat the injured women. Torres, 29, has been a North Brunswick police officer since 2015, Hoiberg said.

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