Police Release Bodycam Footage Of Tasering Of Judah Adunbi

Avon and Somerset police has released for the first time two body-warn camera videos taken of the controversial incident in which a former race relations advisor, Judah Adunbi, was Tasered outside his home in Bristol last year.

The two videos were shown in evidence at a criminal trial of the police officer who fired the Taser, PC Claire Boddie – she was found ‘not guilty’ of assault.

The videos were shown again on Tuesday at a police disciplinary hearing at which PC Boddie was cleared of gross misconduct.

The two officers approached Mr Adunbi, 65, as he was walking his dog at around 9am on January 14 last year near his home. They mistook him for a wanted man, and tried to apprehend him after he refused to give his name.

The police issued the video taken by PC Boddie’s body-worn camera, and also that taken by her colleague that morning, PC Darren Weston.


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