Post Malone Claims It’s a Struggle Being a White Rapper

It’s no secret Post Malone and hip-hop have a turbulent relationship. Malone clings to hip-hop as his main source of popularity and income, while turning his back on it in lyrics, interviews, and on Twitter. It’s a paradoxical, but not historically uncommon, approach for Post as a white artist to pick and choose what he likes without caring where it came from. In an apologetic new given the opportunity to claim/denounce a genre that he’s appropriated without fully paying proper respect.

Writer Bijan Stephen breaks down Malone’s sound as a genre-bending melange of emo, rock, pop, hip-hop, and country, comparing him to the likes of Lil Peep and Lil Uzi Vert—other rappers bringing a darker, rockier sound to the rap game. “It should just be music, you know?” Post says as he throws back an unknown number of Bud Light during the interview. (Within hours of publication, the article had been edited to read “beers.”) “Because I’ve met so many people that’ll say, ‘I listen to everything except for this, or this,’ you know? And I think that’s stupid. If you like it, you should listen to it.”

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35 thoughts on “Post Malone Claims It’s a Struggle Being a White Rapper

  1. Malone is a talented rapper/musician. He is saying that being white and rapping is hard, anyone seen 8 mile that shows it is hard. And to be fair malone is way more talented than most rappers. And he makes music unlike anyone else

  2. I hate post Malone and what he stands for so much… and white people would push his music regardless of what he makes. White people just wanna see rappers that look like them. It's a fucking shame. I say black people should just give them rap and create some new shit. Fuck them.

  3. I'm just saying y'all want equal rights equal everything but y'all don't wanna share nothing with us? For EXAMPLE. James Stewart fastest African American ever &a one of the best to ever race in AMA supercross which is a white dominant sport. We don't care if he awesome at what he do we respect what he has accomplished. But when a white rapper come into the rap scene which is dominantly African American hobby y'all start trippin. Y'all lame asf.

  4. Lil wayne is to blame for this shit. He started all this rappers are rock stars shit. Now we got a bunch weirdos rapping who dont respect hip hop. Keep it hood and apply pressure to these weirdos and lets get back to the bars.

  5. He just needs to stop doing interviews if he wants to keep his career. I know white people make up the majority of the consumer market but we as black people still dictate what is and isn’t poppin!

  6. Funny how the same people who proclaim that equality is the most important thing and that black or white doesn't matter seem to always be the first people to bring up racial differences or ask relentless questions about race to stir the pot. Maybe nobody gave a shit and was just enjoying the music. Maybe they didn't like the music and went and listened to somebody else. I don't know of anyone ever listening to a post malone song or that of any other musician and changing their mind on whether they liked the sound based on the race of the artist. Complex you literally jump on anything that can cause racial tension to stir up a discussion over nothing to try to keep your dying channel relevant…. making shit up where it doesn't exist

  7. Fake news ! Maybe in the 90s it was hard being a White Rapper. But in 2018 being a White rapper is a huge plus, specially in terms of marketability. Look at cash me outside girl and slim jesus etc.

  8. Post malone wilding it ain't a struggle of being a white rapper look at geazy Macklemore mgk and lil dicky they still successful and not looked at as being white but as rappers in general smh

  9. Man get this clown ass nigga out of here. "Its hard being a white rapper" yeah fucking right. When white rappers are dominating right now. So stop fucking listening to this goofball ass nigga. Bones is a WAY better white rapper than Post Malone anyday.

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