President Trump Tweets ‘Happy Easter’ Followed by ‘No More DACA Deal’

In a very Donald Trump-like move, the president tweeted a very bold, combative message only an hour after tweeting “Happy Easter” on Sunday. Trump is no longer supporting DACA, a move that he naturally discussed on his favorite social media platform.

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41 thoughts on “President Trump Tweets ‘Happy Easter’ Followed by ‘No More DACA Deal’

  1. TRUMP 2020. This is exactly why I'm voting straight Republican this November, and for Trump's reelection in 2020. Keep up the great work Mr. President. We're not going to stop until every last illegal is deported back to their own shithole country 🙂

  2. Trumps cult followers are fucking idiots. Speaking as a Native American your all immigrants. I live in Canada(duel citizen) and I must say republicans look and act like a bunch of cunts.

  3. Trump needs to man up and start taking responsibility for his mistakes Daca deal is his fault no one elses he could have signed the deal he chose not to, He needs to take responsibility for him omitting adultery. He needs to quit telling lies to the people he needs to quit making America the laughing stock of the world He needs to get on ROseanne Barrs case for her disrespecting the national anthem and spitting at it and it goes on and on Etc. What a Hypocrite

  4. Shits gonna go from bad to worse anyway so why spend time giving a fuck?
    You could be doing something constructive,
    Like sky diving
    Or master bating on an air plane.
    Hey it’s not illegal
    It’s just frowned upon.

  5. Not A Shocker Complex Needs To Use Identity Politics For Each Video… Use The White Guilt Bitchass Host To Cry About White… Now Use A Dirtican Host To Cry About Dirticans.

  6. 1) Why the fuck does complex keep getting involved in politics

    2) Trump put a very generous deal on the table something like allowing 10 million “dreamers” in the country in return for money to build the wall but the Democrats declined it

  7. This is great news! The president is gaining more support from those that elected him…doing a great job.
    Let's cut that DACA budget down to zero and put that money to build the wall and cut support to Mexico .

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