Pro Gamer Breaks Up With ‘World’s Sexiest Weather Girl’ to Focus on His Video Games

Professional gamer Douglas Martin aka “FaZe Censor” decided to break up with his super attractive, internationally beloved weather-woman girlfriend Yanet García to focus on playing Call of Duty full time.

Martin explained his decision in a 10-minute YouTube video he begins by calling García “an awesome girl.”

“She deserves the best,” he said. “She’s beautiful, she’s smart, she was an awesome girlfriend.”

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45 thoughts on “Pro Gamer Breaks Up With ‘World’s Sexiest Weather Girl’ to Focus on His Video Games

  1. This is why women think all men are jerks. Some of us don't play video games 24/7 and want to make a living and find our one true love. Oh wait, he's actually trying to make a living through gaming. DUH! If only some women can understand that too.

  2. Yanet is probably a stuck up bitch just from what she said there, a lot of pretty girls are assholes like that I'm doing what makes me happy feel free to join if not I'm never looking back, good for him that's a real man

  3. Im glad he he left her. She has nothing going for her besides good looks why else would he leave her. You should only cherish your mom and your daughter(s) if he didnt have money do you think she would even give him the time of day? NO SHE WOULDNT. Women complain about guys playing games all the time but yet he pulled her. How many serious gamers actually pull girls that hot in real life?

  4. they clearly did not watch the video, the guy just wanted to focus on his career and did not want to half ass his relationship with his girlfriend to avoid conflict, nothing wrong with that. anything for views i guess.

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