Pusha T on Kanye’s Political Views: ‘I’m Totally Against It’

Pusha T, who’s promoting his upcoming album DAYTONA, recently stopped by The Angie Martinez Show. While there, Pusha talked about Kanye and his recent set of controversial comments.

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24 thoughts on “Pusha T on Kanye’s Political Views: ‘I’m Totally Against It’

  1. Democrats are supposed to believe in democracy. But when there's an election, the same "democrats" complain about the chosen candidate. Who Tf understands u people. You're only democrats when u get what you want. trump WON and you LOST that's how an election works.

  2. GODDAMN could you NOT take Pusher out of Context, and just to get bull shit likes on your scum-bag Channel. Please someone go watch the full interview and you will see the bull shit that this is! Smh

  3. Well shit Trump pushing that reform bill and he claim he's striving to give prisoners all the tools they need to get on their feet and developing drug treatments for drug addicts. The total opposite of the 1994 crime bill the Clintons fucked us with. Clinton drug offenses was unbelievably harsh.

  4. I don’t care too much about no celebrities political views unless I know how educated they are about politics and history. Plus I think we all know Kanye trolling hard af for promo

  5. He's against but still works with him? That's ignorant as fuck. When you work with someone, you support them and their known political views because you are making them money.

  6. Kanye has said he doesn't agree with Trump about a lot of the stuff he says or does. He just likes how Trump promoted himself through his campaign by not being so politically correct. Kanye has even said he would do a Trump like campaign with Bernie Sanders ideology. He just doesn't articulate a lot of the stuff he says the right way. He says it better through his music. He has even come out saying he has suffered from opioid addiction and he most likely suffers from bipolar. People are really ignorant about mental health and opioids. Too bad folks don't take mental health seriously.

    And Kanye is a Christian who is about loving everyone, even his enemies(like Trump). Not that many people are about loving one another in this world. It's sad.  He's talking about in 'Ye vs. The People' that hate doesn't defeat hate. Love defeats hate.

    He's also obviously also saying both parties are no different and neither care about POC and the poor. They both want money and power. I thought he was being an idiot, sell-out and ignorant at first too until I did my research. I think everyone should do the same

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