Pusha-T Says He’s ‘Ready for Everything That Comes With’ His Drake Diss

If Pusha-T has his way, this will be the summer of truth.

In a predictably excellent new interview with Craig Jenkins for Vulture, Pusha talked all things DAYTONA, which inevitably resulted in some “Duppy Freestyle” thoughts and a vow to “deal in truths” in the coming months.

“I’m ready for everything that comes with it,” Pusha said when asked if he was prepared for “all that warfare” that “Infrared” could continue to bring. “Everything. And we gonna deal in truths. If that’s what we gonna do, and that’s what we really, really, wanna deal in, let’s deal in real truths. Because, I feel like I was questioned. My truth was questioned, and I’m gonna deal in truths all summer long. If everybody wanna deal in that, then I have no problem with that, I think it’s great. Think the world needs truth.”

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40 thoughts on “Pusha-T Says He’s ‘Ready for Everything That Comes With’ His Drake Diss

  1. Doesn’t even matter who’s better . The bigger fan base will win . Success settles the score at the end . Unless pusha literally kills this man he’s gonna be pushing Ls when the next diss or the duppy freestyle is available for download and becomes a billboard top 10 . Not hating but mad facts right now and pusha. Diss want as good as his infrared .

  2. Of course he’s ready. He’s ready for all this hype because this motherfucker has been irrelevant for 10+ years LMFAO. He must of sat down with his manager and said we need to diss someone with an actual career and the manager was like yea drake sounds like a good choice. And then go at him with what every other person goes at him for, say he ain’t black enough. Shit is played out and this dudes flow is wack. Move along nothing to see here

  3. Yeah push lit him up..but this the most popular he’s been since grinding lol..push a lyrical beast..drake a catchy hook singer who don’t write his own music,what so cool about this..I grew up on 2pac and Big,50 and ja,Big l and etc..todays battles just don’t get me going..but push keep going and get your shine brah.you deserve that shit after all these years of half the world sleeping on you

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