Quentin Miller on ‘Q.M.’ Album, Drake v. Pusha T Beef & Ghostwriting | Everyday Struggle

Quentin Miller joins DJ Akademiks, Nadeska and Wayno on today’s episode of #EverydayStruggle. He and Akademiks talk out their issues right off the bat, then the Atlanta rapper talks about his new album ‘Q.M.,’ being previously signed to Epic Records and how getting caught up in the middle of Drake vs. Meek Mill and Drake vs. Pusha T beefs has affected his own career.

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35 thoughts on “Quentin Miller on ‘Q.M.’ Album, Drake v. Pusha T Beef & Ghostwriting | Everyday Struggle

  1. Quentin is soft as shit first off lol. And second, he's right and wrong. Duppy is Takeover and Story of Addidon is Ether. People say Takeover was the better overall song but Ether was a way better diss record. Super Ugly was a desperate attempt to beat Nas but the battle was already won. Drake just didn't come out with a Super Ugly

  2. QM is clearly a behind the scenes guy. He’s not a star. It’s sad he could have made more money at the OVO SWEATSHOP than he will on his own lol. Hip hop fans gassed him up

  3. I like QM music, I've have literally lost respect for drake and gained respect for QM. With that being said, he is too big of a drake stan himself. He wont defend himself against drake even though drake constantly fires shots at him. That's the definition of a bitch. I love QM music but he will never get any further in the game if doesn't stand up for himself. It's crazy because he has the potential to be better then drake, but he doesn't want to be because he is too big of a fan of drake who has stole his flow, style, ect. This is a true example of life imitating art.

  4. ak owns the damn show and it loses its cool,Wayno is dope i wish he gets more time ,he s a bit respectful to Ak ,,they should get Joe to visit,i miss em keepin AK s his place,,Quentin aint answering shit 2

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