Quincy Jones Airs Everyone Out, Is 2018 Big Sean’s Year?, What Makes a Rap OG? | Everyday Struggle

On today’s #EverydayStruggle, DJ Akademiks, Nadeska, and STAR broke down Quincy Jones’ epic Vulture interview, where he called out Michael Jackson, the Beatles, T-Pain, and more. Later, they debated about what kind of year Big Sean will have in 2018, and much more.

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45 thoughts on “Quincy Jones Airs Everyone Out, Is 2018 Big Sean’s Year?, What Makes a Rap OG? | Everyday Struggle

  1. Doctor Dre is a legend and earned his respect!!!! If Dre went back into the studio right now he would create something supper dope and successful. What the f*ck is wrong with people these days. Most people don’t even no what the word respect means these days!!!!

  2. I'm sorry this is my first time tuning into the show but she irks my nerves.. Yes, have an opinion about things, but don't crap on somebody else's opinion just bc it differs from yours. Idk how they keep letting her do it without checking her for being so catty. This is my first show and my last her attitude makes this segment a flop..

  3. Don't sleep on Jaden and Willow they are two very talented intricate children connected to the universe very smart very very smart and just pay attention listen to there lyrics you'll see what type of so they have their very awakened and I have the utmost respect for the Smith children

  4. Back in the day, when everyday struggle was actually poppin (NEW JOE BUDDEN!) , You would find a loyal fan blessing us with a time plug.. haven't seen one in awhile..even tho I don't care no more. NO JOE NO SHOW

  5. Elders lose their filter once they reach a certain age. Quincy is officially an old man who doesn't give a fuck & with all the secrets he knows within the industry, thats dangerous lmao

  6. Maybe Benard Purdie's stories about Ringo no being on the first 3 Beatles albums is true. The Tavistock Institute had an agenda and the Beatles was their early tool.

  7. Yo who ever this chick is they need to get her da fuck up outta here, I been watching this show for a while and I still don't know her name cause I don't pay her any attention, cause she annoying and always killing da mood cancel this chick and get a new one

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