R. Kelly Accused of Training 14-Year-Old Girl to Be His Sex ‘Pet’

Sexual misconduct allegations continue to pour in against R. Kelly. Following July 2017’s reports that the singer orchestrated a “sex cult,” where he held women against their will and controlled every aspect of their lives, R. Kelly has now been accused of training a young girl to be his sex slave since she was 14 years old. In a BBC3 documentary set to air on March 28, his former girlfriend Kittie Jones says that she was “groomed” by R. Kelly and forced to repeatedly have sex with him and others in what she calls a “sex dungeon.” The Guardian reports that Jones says there was another girl who had been trained to do the same since she was 14.

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40 thoughts on “R. Kelly Accused of Training 14-Year-Old Girl to Be His Sex ‘Pet’

  1. These women should be held accountable for their actions. It takes two to tango. They ate there because he takes care of them financially. He should be in jail and when approached by Kelly the women should run. But what do they do…they see money and lifestyle.

  2. him and those 14year olds are stupid. him and them need to be locked up for a long time. you mean to tell me they train them without them having any idea that they are being groomed? to put the icing on the cake you go into the tour bus with a grown ass man naked and you don't run out, yet if a young boy less than 14 entered a girls bathroom they would all come put running but that 14year old didn't have the brains to do so after seeing a grown ass man naked….she can cry a river as long as the Nile, I didn't give a shit. R kelly just needs to have a total penectomy so we stop hearing this crap

  3. i feel like R Kelly gets such a bad rep 😒 i've been to his house party at his Chicago home 🏡 around 2006-08 he was polite to all guest & stayed mostly to himself with his friends though we had to sign an agreement 📝 not to take pictures &stuff before hand..the drinks were good & the party was fun..the house was GORGEOUS!! 🙌🎤these Pictures also dont do him any justice he is handsome in person..he had on all white & has a very laid back quiet demeanor..

  4. What the fuck!?
    We all know what prisoners do to rapists, pedophiles and sex offenders… if R. Kelly goes into prison he is gonna get fucked… literally and figuratively…

  5. He married Aaliyah when she was 15 and he was almost 30. Why are we still trying to speculate if he is a pedophile or not? He is a sex addict. All this bullshit slides time and time again cause he's R.Kelly. the man marries a kid later goes on to pee on a child's face on camera, Runs a sex cult yet nothing. This wouldn't be the case if he was a regular guy.

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