R. Kelly and XXXTentacion Music Removed From Spotify Playlists Under New Hateful Conduct Policy

Spotify has removed XXXTentacion and R. Kelly music from their playlists as part of a new initiative.

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35 thoughts on “R. Kelly and XXXTentacion Music Removed From Spotify Playlists Under New Hateful Conduct Policy


    Edit: Why does Spotify think they have the right to involve them self’s in other rappers personal matters? There job is to entertain us lol, it’s what their paid for after all….right?

  2. but why x tho, his shit has been going on for a while now, and no one even cares any more, idgaf wtf he doing in his personal life but this, they just pushing people to apple and tidal LOL

  3. But R.Kelly is a piece of shit he was caught on tape urinating on a underage girl though and was eating the booty like groceries but got off because he paid off the girl not to testify the girl aunty is a singer called Sparkle who Kelly produced and wrote songs for so don't make it sound like because he's black is the reason they going after him plus I'm pretty sure if it was a white underage girl Kelz was would be in prison a long time ago.

  4. This is so unfair to XXX, fair enough what he’s been accused of isn’t great, but then almost every other rapper should have their music taken down too, from the new school rappers even all the way back to the old school rappers like Dr Dre who was accused of abuse multiple times of assault and abuse towards women! It’s just odd that they singles out X like this man :/ and R kelly too of course, but his current accusations are I guess worse

  5. This is a dangerous game they're playing. It's actions like this that brings attention to a lot of things…they better make sure their nose is clean because it's about to go down!

  6. ( Black) People on here are mad as hell especially the r Kelly supporters don't get me wrong I really loved his music. He is truly talented and he contributed to Modern Rnb alot however by raping, smothering young girls I'm done with him no matter how talented he may be. You can't just make it a black and white thing Damn it a sexual predator is a sexual predator.

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