Rachel Bloom Shares Her Best Dating Advice for Men | GQ

From your swag to your dirty fingernails, Rachel Bloom has some thoughts on how to not be “that guy.” Don’t be that guy that says ‘swag’ to much. Don’t be that guy that smells bad.

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Rachel Bloom Shares Her Best Dating Advice for Men | GQ


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42 thoughts on “Rachel Bloom Shares Her Best Dating Advice for Men | GQ

  1. Oh, so men must "put on deodorant" or else they have an "unpleasant odor"? That's your rich white cis privilege talking, honey. Please make an apology video to all people of color, who are disproportionally affected by poverty and lack of access to deodorant.

  2. This is not going to be popular because she is wise and moderate compared to the freakshows on the extreme left and right sides (of normal media). People would rather be entertained by freakshows. Hence all the fake news and 97 genders.

  3. During the first point I thought of how I seem to have made "Fun fact: …" into my catchphrase, to the point that at my theatre group's award ceremony this week, where everyone got an award made just for them, I got "Most Fun Facts". There were also five more serious awards that had been voted on by the members. I won "Most Improved Actor".
    Back to the video: other than possibly the first point, I think I'm already following all of this.

  4. I just want to point out how brilliant her "everyone has nails" statement is. So much deeper than "we all bleed the same blood". My respects to this outstanding young lady.

  5. My feelings seem to be the opposite of most of these comments. I watched this video and thought "Duh, this is common sense stuff. Can you give some practical advice if I've already got the Not Being A Scumbag thing down?"

  6. There are some seriously juvenile and way way over sensitive comments on here. Chill out she was having a sense of humor does anyone except.me remember a time when people actually had a sense of humor.? Jesus what happened to people. Plus she is so beautiful.

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