Racks Got First Looks Inside Round Two’s New Collection by Sean Wotherspoon | Get In Line

Once again Racks flew out to the L.A. to show some love to his fam at Round Two. This time, people lined up to cop their first ever original collection designed and curated by Nike’s collaborator and Round Two co-founder Sean Wotherspoon. We also chopped it up with Sean’s partner Chris Russow, who gave us an insight into what Round Two’s plans are for the future.

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28 thoughts on “Racks Got First Looks Inside Round Two’s New Collection by Sean Wotherspoon | Get In Line

  1. yall are over charging for some clothes that only some people like not everybody likes those types of pants n yall dont have gurls clothing there either so to me this is a big MISS yall should carry some Ecko,Enyce,Sean John,Phat Farm and FUBU now those will sell like pancakes here in da Chi yall should open a store ova here in da hood homies yall will do aight ya tu sabes ese

  2. For those of you that keep calling them Banana Republic inspired pants, just stop. Honestly just stop. The brand they are recreated from is called Banana Equipment which was popular in the 80’s and early 90’s within the hiking/climbing community. The company is no longer around. You can still find the OG pants online but they are very rare and usually a little pricey, and it would also be even more rare to find some in good condition after all these years. But for the love of God stop saying Banana Republic Lol… you sound like a compete idiot.

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