Rap Over/Under: Drake No. 1 Singles in 2018, Nicki/Cardi First Week Sales, Lil Pump’s Next Deal

On today’s special #EverydayStruggle, Wayno, DJ Akademiks, Star, and Nadeska play a game of rap over/under where they made predictions about Nicki Minaj and Cardi B’s first week sales, how many No. 1 songs Drake will get in 2018, if Soulja Boy will return, and much more.

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48 thoughts on “Rap Over/Under: Drake No. 1 Singles in 2018, Nicki/Cardi First Week Sales, Lil Pump’s Next Deal

  1. this is y i dont watch this shit everyone hating on nicki 4 What ?????????? yall keep trying discredit wtf she did!!! (dude in the red hat sound mad silly dawg 10:5811:10) if it wasn't 4 her we wouldn't be hearing shit from female rappers point blank period, know the fucking fact's no one was playing females rap back then and now just because cardi and all these other "dolls" r out now dont mean shit!!!! let's just sit back and watch wtf she about to do she gonna show u bitch ass nigga's who tf the Queen is and as far as Drake that nigga been popping he gonna show u mf y he the prince of hip hop look at the kendrick's & chance the rapper and as far as wayne that nigga been the king look at all the new lil's boobie uzi etc etc!!!!!!!!!!!! keep ya bullshit 2 ya self ight im done

  2. I wasn't going to watch this video because you fired Joe Budden…. but you made a smooth move by getting STAR Troi Torain. I might start tuning in again if he will be on the show, bc lets face it, the girl and the dj guy are boring as FVCCCCCCCCKKKKKK. If Star is going to be on this show, I might hit the subscribe button. Fvck, why don't you guys get Star and Joe? That would be a sight to see!!! But the girl, and the dj are just fillers. Ugh. One of them gots to go…. my opinion as a viewer, no shade intended.

  3. Y’all have to really thing about it we don’t buy music anymore like that … we get it ALL FOR FREEEE so I think nicki will sell 100k in first week.. and like 600k in all

  4. why is he assuming Nicki is depressed.? Stop ASSuming.. She doesn't have to dumb down or be vulnerable to get liked..let her have her self-esteem..Damn..people love you when your down smdh..

  5. They're doing over and under wrong. It's overrated/underrated. Underrated would mean Cardi does MORE sales. Over would mean she's overrated and wouldn't do many album sales. Come on…

  6. Lil Pump already has a album out. Which was a great project. A big buzz. And he is a bidding war. Signing a 360 whice is a crazy deal, would help him if the 360 was structure for his benefit and not the benefit for the record label he will sign too. A lot of artist who signed a 360 deal, it doesn't benefit them not one bit. If a label wants you bad enough you can structure the deal for the benefit of the artist. Now if you don't know how to read a contact or let the label finesse you into a dummy deal. Then hey , God Bless.

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