RAW Bodycam Footage of Man Repeatedly Tased by Tulsa Cops

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Tulsa Police have released video of the moments a man was tased in downtown Tulsa. Joshua Harvey died three days later, and his family buried him this weekend. The entire 26-minute video shows Joshua Harvey being tased several times at Arvest Bank before heading to the hospital, where he later died. The events inside Arvest Bank come just minutes after police say they tried to restrain Joshua Harvey down the street. Police say they had several calls about a man screaming and removing his clothes at 6th and Main. Officers attempted to calm him down. “Relax, relax, relax. You’re OK. You’re cool,” said one officer in the video. Harvey ran off and police would catch up with him at the bank.

Police say the video shows Harvey’s strength busting open a glass door to get inside. Two officers use their tasers, and eventually, four officers work to handcuff Harvey. EMSA showed up and took Harvey to the hospital where he died three days later. An attorney for Harvey’s family says his team is early in their investigation. The attorney says Harvey was unarmed, adding, “At this point, we just want to know exactly what happened between Joshua and the TPD officers I ask for prayer for Joshua’s family,” In a statement, police say they won’t be available to talk about the video until Tuesday. It will be up to the Medical Examiner to determine the exact cause of Harvey’s death.

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