35 thoughts on “Raz B B2K seemingly admits Lying about Chris stokes, Omarion Lil Fizz Apryl Situation

  1. Chris Strokes admitted to it. And Raz B said that they paid him to say that nobody touched him. They tried to pay him off. Not only that, all the phone conversations of him talking to other B2K members admitting to the same thing

  2. He didn't lie. No way a man is going to lie like that. Especially to they public, that's embarrassing, sick and take guts to admit to the world. Someone told him to lie and clear it up. I believe that phone call. Mfers dumb if they believe it was a lie.

  3. He "never" said it didn't happen. So when some woman is clearly lying about being raped, the world stops, as if we are obligated to believe her. When a "man" is molested he is ostracized and made fun of. When did Raz B "ever" say he wasn't molested. You talk about half ass journalism.

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