Rich Greedy – Ese Talk 2 (Official Music Video)

Exclusive WSHH music video for “Ese Talk 2” by Rich Greedy.
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“Ese Talk 2” Lyrics:

Swanged up on the scene in the massie not the rover

Bitch I’m from Texas can’t you tell aint you noticed

I just spent a Honda Civic on some fucking soda

Diamonds on my chain they dance like mike and Justin Bieber

Mexican like rice and beans I’ll prolly fuck your tia

I ran my racks up off of streams I’ll prolly buy a zebra

There only bout $5,000 I googled it and seen it

And I’m just tryna flex I used to sleep outside and trap it

One time I wrote a song on a mfkn napkin

I knew back then I’d make it ain’t no question had some answers

At night when I go to sleep I sleep with a choppa

I said that Shit on part one I’ll fuck your baby momma

Hol on big baby got the gucci on my chanclas

ima pour a duce of the lean in a raspa

Ima come down with a scope I’m a sniper

9 to your chest like that boy tony Parker

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43 thoughts on “Rich Greedy – Ese Talk 2 (Official Music Video)

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