23 thoughts on “Rick Ross Trick’s Lil Wayne and Pusha T into peace? 50 cent Power and Teairra Mari

  1. Go mary 🤸‍♀️💯❤😍😂 Terri need to stop her excuses and pay 50 seriously. Pay back is a b!tch😂😂🤣🤣 she should of thought better mess with curtis 😆😆I live for this😆

  2. I like what ricky ross the boss is doing, especially being a real music fan and getting icon music that would last a decade and beyond out of the deal.. Wish he could get Jeezy and Gucci to hash shit out and give the streets what we been wanting since so icey.. I salute ROSS for making these legends boss up and elevate and push positive vibes 💪💪 well hopefully positive lol..
    You'll find out on the next episode:


  3. Tiearra "Tip Of The Dick" Mari out here makin herself look even MORE pathetic, mafucka wouldnt have to "harrass" her if she just PAY THE MAN THE FUCKIN MONEY HER DUMB SCHEMING THOTASS OWES HIM smfh 😕

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