RiFF RAFF’s Tour Canceled After Rape Allegation Surfaces

An Australian woman has accused Riff Raff in a Facebook post of drugging and raping her in 2013, to which promoters of the rapper’s upcoming tour of Australia and New Zealand swiftly responded by canceling his dates.

Melbourne’s Eliza Stafford claims Riff Raff, legally known as Horst Christian Simco, put a syrupy substance in her shot that left her blacked out—only to awaken with the rapper finishing his deed and heading to the bathroom. Stafford was 19 years old at the time.

“In 2013 I was raped by a man whose stage name is Riff Raff,” Stafford wrote in her Facebook post. “I was offered a 60ml ‘party’ shot. I took the shot, it was syrup and I immediately asked what it was. Riff Raff and his support act told me that it was codeine and started laughing. I don’t remember anything from that point. I woke up as Riff Raff was pulling out of me and getting into the shower.”

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40 thoughts on “RiFF RAFF’s Tour Canceled After Rape Allegation Surfaces

  1. Didn't women from Australia say the same thing about Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, and Juicy?
    Chris Brown was accused of this shit this year, Juicy J and even Bieber were accused of this a few years ago.
    Ban all concerts/ tours from going to Australia, they have a reverse rape culture thing going on where they are blaming celebs and destroying their lives or credibility for no reason.

  2. Yeah so she ditched her boyfriend, went backstage with a celebrity, went back to that celebrity's hotel with him, then she either cheated on her boyfriend or got raped by a dude who has money, fame and deff can get a chick at any of his shows without the hassle of raping them. As everyone pointed out, one shot glass of lean doesnt cause a black out. Codeine in a mild opiate and a shot glass full, is like barely more than a regular dose your doctor wouldnt prescribe you for a bad cough. Her friends obviously didn't try to stop her because she wanted to go. I dont know i usually side with woman accusing guys even when its years after, but this chicks story doesn't hold water, but if someone can corroborate her story i'll feel bad for questioning her. She kept saying how she was "young" multiple times, which sounds like shes saying she was too young to know that she was getting herself into a stupid situation. I'd beleive her if she said she ended up back there and had sex with him just because she felt like she was expected to at that point and didn't want to cause a problem or some weird shit like that. but claiming rape is serious and if you "dont remember anything that happened till he pulled out" well first off, thats a really short blackout for one thing, and two how do you know you were raped. And i dont want to hear the "If a girl is drunk its rape" like we all get drunk and fuck each other. 99.9999 times its consensual. I've been drunk and fucked girls who were drunk and i did not rape them.. But if they have a boyfriend, and the next day they regret fucking me, all of a sudden they can say rape and just because she was drunk i'm now a rapist? thats fucked

  3. These ugly ass females really gotta calm down with their roach looking selves, nevermind the fact that nobody with half a brain cell would never stick their dicks in these hoes, but how the fuck does it take 5 years to remember you got raped, especially after the bill Cosby scandal

  4. i dont think riff raff needs to rape anyone he got pussy by the wheel barrow full . ho means ho. how dare you say raperaff tipped toed into your….to be continued…..

  5. She was 19 and drinking anything someone gave her?? If only she’d have come up missing… riff still be touring and shit haha

    Really though, lost respect for complex this morning……

  6. Women are smart and cunning. If all it takes is an occusation for a come-up, scandalous women will take the opportunity and do so.

    What woman goes back stage at a rap concert and takes drinks without knowing what shes drinking first? Scandalous lying women thats who.

    The fact both men and women jump to conclusions so easily proves how cucked we are at the demands of unrighteous women.

    Question is how many women out there would do such a thing?

    Im not doubting the girl wasnt there, but people lie about the context of the situation and most likely this bitch is changing the real story.

    Hos go back stage to get fucked
    Ive known women that admit it

  7. But she remembered him pulling out ….of course rape is bad and I hate rapist but I never heard of anyone getting raped from drinking lean ..your high but you remember everything and all she knew is he pulled out and went to the bathroom kinda fishy knowing he's touring over there

  8. 18 years old in Europe is when you turn legally adult. She was 19 and saying she is a kid… I can believe her but something is not smelling right on this. And where was her boyfrind tho?? And why did she left his side?? Meh

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