Rihanna on Drake: ‘We Don’t Have a Friendship Now, But We’re Not Enemies Either’

In her new ‘Vogue’ profile, RIhanna opened up about the current state of her relationship with Drake.

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50 thoughts on “Rihanna on Drake: ‘We Don’t Have a Friendship Now, But We’re Not Enemies Either’

  1. Nigga went on a 4 min monologue about Rihanna for an award for HER. Her speech was just 2 mins. I can see why they’re not friends Drake is a culture vulture. He’s always trying to steal the limelight from people.

  2. I think it's crazy that everyone wants to talk about how she's rude or a bitch for not wanting him after that. Why do you have to be in a relationship with somebody just because they confessed their feelings for you lol tf are we not allowed to have a choice of who we are attracted to? Ya'll don't even know what happened between them to assume she's in the wrong lol

  3. back in the day drake constantly did interviews on radio and tv. he'd do freestyles on hot 97 and tim westwood. everyone saw him as a corny, lame, sensitive soft, clown ass simp. he was the butt of all the jokes #drakethetypeofnigga. then he completely stopped doing interviews, grew a beard and muscles, got a ghost writer and everyone all of a sudden forgot this dude is a cornball. they though he was the man and if you fuck with him he'll steal your girl. how rihanna played the shit out of him confirms that he's still the same corny, lame, sensitive soft, clown ass simp.

  4. I mean it’s obvious. The entire relationship was complete bullshit. Just business to hype their songs up.

    Even then Rihanna a major thot so why would he want her in the first place.

  5. How is this news? Rihanna has never wanted Drake, he told millions of people on live t.v that he loved her and she just dabbed, if that's not a sign that you're not wanted then I don't know what is.

  6. The history between Rihanna and Drake isn't a long story…Drake cries and cries for a chance from Rihanna and she continues to treat him like a sidechick. Every time there are headlines that say they are dating, it's only Drake who thinks he's in a relationship whereas Rihanna knows she's single. Drake will continue to cry on every song about her…recycle, repeat, recycle, repeat.

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