Roc Nation COO on JAY-Z’s Made in America Changing Cities: ‘Our Hearts Haven’t Gone There Yet’

Roc Nation’s Desiree Perez gives a rare interview to explain their side of the dispute with the Mayor of Philadelphia.

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38 thoughts on “Roc Nation COO on JAY-Z’s Made in America Changing Cities: ‘Our Hearts Haven’t Gone There Yet’

  1. It looks like the city wants a bigger cut. Either Jay Z has been stingy with the $ or they just do not want to do business with him. Either way I am sure a ton of other cities would love to host this festival.

  2. The up tick of Tourism has been epic, removing this location will be a drastic mistake. The Mayor is catering to his white fan base on this one but the business are not supporting him. They need Jay and that money he brings.

  3. With all the massive new construction going on in this city fuck MIA ! shit just inconvenienced a city that's perplexed enough to get around. Been in Philly 4 1/2 years MIA Doesn't do shit for me never been there don't really give a shit, it only benefits Jay Z and his business affiliates. Now if you say shut down the labor day parade in NYC then that's a problem.

    MIA is strictly for prophet with all who's involved, it does nothing to better the life of the citizens of Philadelphia. Most of us gets no enjoyment of it being this city. So good riddance to MIA ✌🏿

  4. Does Frazier wear those cartoonishly large glasses on purpose, or does he genuinely think they look good. What a ducking dweeb. I would shove him in my locker if he went to my school.

  5. i swear if they take this from philly that new mayor has got to go its what makes the ends of the end of the summer before back to school lit. No one care about the people who live in the area they choose to therefore deal withit.

  6. There is nothing confusing about it he’s in it for money Mayor Kenney this guy put a soda tax on us in Philly and a Cigarette Tax That was suppose to go to schools in Philly only 3% of what they took in went to schools the rest of the money they can’t find lol look it up. I know Kenney threw people before he was Mayor he conned everyone he is really messing shit up in Philly

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