Rockets Blow Game 7, Warrior and Cavs Set for Finals, Kobe Ends the GOAT Debate | Out of Bounds

On this episode of #OutofBounds, take a look at what went wrong for the Rockets in Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals. After a first half lead, Houston went on a record-setting cold streak from the three point line, and lost it to the Warriors, 101-92. So, should the “L” be blamed on bad shooting or their coach?

With the Conference Finals win, we get the fourth edition of the Warriors and Cavs in the NBA Finals. LeBron has been fantastic in carrying his Cavs through the Eastern Conference, but can he lead this Cleveland squad past Steph, KD, Klay and Dray? Gil and the guys look for a weakness in Golden State’s attack.

Speaking of greatness, none other than Kobe Bryant weighed in on the Michael Jordan and LeBron GOAT debate. While, the Black Mamba looked to shut it down, should we just leave it to respecting greatness in respective eras? And great players famously find ways to motivate themselves throughout their careers, what happens when players stop finding fun in the game. Former Patriot, Cassius Marsh, claims that’s exactly what happened to him during his stint in New England.

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45 thoughts on “Rockets Blow Game 7, Warrior and Cavs Set for Finals, Kobe Ends the GOAT Debate | Out of Bounds

  1. Look the goat is the best basketball player ever .
    That's clearly Kareem Abdul Jabbar his highschool record 79-2
    He was the best player on the greatest college team ever at UCLA avg .26ppg and 15.5 rpg for his career .
    And we all know what he did in the NBA .

  2. Nobody mentioned those 3 fouls the refs screwed up (1 of which was a 4 point play) which lead to the shooting slump… I think they were mentally defeated after realizing the refs were in for a fix. Period.

  3. The finals is when you need more than one good player to win. Lebron is great but even he needs another great playmaker like Wade or Irving. His supporting cast ain’t no much for the super team that is GSW. Warriors in 5

  4. Dianntonis coaching Capelas poor freethrows percentage forced 27s 3pt shots game 7 same as game 6 no adjustment this houston team is a big joke now they want to cover all those shits by those non called fouls by Harden floppers dribling dancing till you only have 5 secs come on warriors played well and smarter with good defense on those shit 3s they forgot to shot in the paint area no defense players over fatigue cannot handle the pressure move on houston better luck next time and make sure you make it better on the 3 pt area! Try Harder Harden enough those weird fouls and no flopping 🤯🤬

  5. Gilbert is sooo good at this. Why didn't anyone think of this format. I'm tired of the fake analysts who want to talk about sports in any context other than 'entertainment' . we don't watch shaq, ernie, charles and kenny for insights, we watch them for jokes because this is entertainment.

  6. I want to disagree with Gil about the 🚀 but he played basketball and I didn’t 😆 so I’ll take my L and walk away. But we have to admit the officiating was awful it wasn’t a fair game

  7. WTF is this dude Pierce talking about? Curry singlehandledly won them the Game, they weren't up when he made the 3's, the 3's he made put them up. 27/9/10, Durant was the one that only started playing well when Curry put them over the hump, he didn't lead shit and he scored 34, not 35.

  8. Houston tried so hard to make up for CP3 injury absense with constant 3s? Cmon. They just couldnt adapt and keep up with out a star player. James isnt lebron and CP is a better communicator than Harden. Im upset because i feel like after Houston beat them at home, GS was on tilt. Houston just lost all that confidence and momentum once they realised they wont have one of their star players.

  9. that topic that gilbert raises at around the 34 minute mark- on great players who miss out because they fall between eras is a great one. i thnk eras are defined by the leagues best players – and also decades sort of carve out time too- 80-90- Magic/Bird90-00- Jordan00-08- Kobe/Shaq/TD08-18- Lebronbut some players fall between those eras and arent really appreciated- Moses Malone- for example, Iverson sort of peaked early and then didnt do as much when his class was, . Gary payton is another i can think of- he was the leages best point from   98-03- but he ll miss out in alot of convos cos people will say 90s? stockton. 00s? Kidd/Nash. 10's?Curry

  10. Harden can NOT win the big game! No shade just truth! He needs help and Paul being out is no excuse for Houston! Paul is always out for the big games or if he does play not a big impact hmmmmm just saying.🤔

  11. Great show and great analysis! Looking forward to the finals ,fuck the betting odds frfr it has ruined the game! Cavs will show up and show out! Cavs in 6! 👑💯

  12. Slammed his hand when saw Steph heating up n KD dagger with the shot clock at 1sec , Klay with the fly by 3 on Capela .. better team won … dont wanna hear cp3 wasnt their cause no Iggy either

  13. That 'fun out of the game' is real…I see that with Thibs…he is killing these young guys careers…People blame Wiggins now and will be blaming Towns later as he get injuries and gets sick of the game…Wiggins on the Heat (tough team, but fun, conditioning is real) would be perfect or a running team that will ask of him to improve his shooting as he has better passers (Sixers, Rockets type teams)…Towns will get ran down under Thibs and we will see another bunch of seasons of the Wolves have the least amount of smiles/joy on the court again as Thibs barks like a damn dog all game…

    It is a game…this angry cold business only approach is only an added stresser…Worked for Pats though…kudos…probably over with now.

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