‘Roseanne’ Canceled Over Roseanne Barr’s Racist Tweets

ABC is canceling its Roseanne reboot following backlash from Roseanne Barr’s racist tweets aimed at Barack Obama’s former aide Valerie Jarrett. “Roseanne’s Twitter statement is abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values, and we have decided to cancel her show,” ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey said in a statement.

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34 thoughts on “‘Roseanne’ Canceled Over Roseanne Barr’s Racist Tweets

  1. Why don't they cancel the entire United Stolen States of America for racist and genocidal actions over the past say 300 or more years – after all the United Stolen States of America is the only nation on Earth to successfully conduct genocide – if you don't believe me ask a Mohawk native tribesman – if you can find one. I guess someone should have told Rosanne that 1st Amendment crap is only found in the CONstitution and never allowed on the streets and tweets. So much for saying what's on your mind and it not costing you your common wealth. At $22.5 trillion in debt – I don't think we are going to have to suffer this misery index much longer – the bankruptcy of the United Stolen States of America is going to go down in Mystery as one of the greatest economic disasters ever on Planet Earth. I am looking forward to the day the people are free of this empire.

  2. Roseanne Barr gets fired and her show gets cancelled from ABC, but Joy Reid post homophobic rhetoric on her blog and other crazy things and still has been fired from MSNBC or show cancelled.

  3. Just wanted to let you know – today I received my 2012 Social Security Stimulus Package. It contained two tomato seeds, cornbread mix, a prayer rug, a machine to blow smoke, 2 discount coupons to KFC, an "Obama Hope & Change" bumper sticker, and a "Blame it on Bush" poster for the front yard. The directions were in Spanish.

    Watch for yours soon.

  4. The whole Roseanne Barr racist comment routine is part of the act. Don't you guys get it? This is programming. It's no longer 30 minutes minus commercials. Programming has been expanded to the whole media system. Anything you read or see on mainstream media is all apart of the show. It's no more "real" than The Hills or Jersey Shore was "reality" 🤣

  5. I don't think it was racist. Until yesterday, nobody had any clue Valerie Jarrett was 1/16th or 1/8th black or whatever small percentage of African blood required for her to be bestowed with non-white minority status and all the protected class privileges that goes along with it. The Planet of the Apes reference had to do with the fact that Jarrett bears a resemblance to Helena Bonham's character from the Tim Burton film. Don't get me wrong, it was mean to go after Jarrett's physical appearance, but it had nothing to do with race.

  6. What’s crazy is how about the fucking reverse racism from African American and Latino culture. Soy Latino and I don’t fuck with any racism at all but we get so fucking uptight when Caucasian people make jokes but laugh if someone of another ethnicity makes a joke like about trump, which I’m not a supporter of and can give 2 fucks about, the shits funny. Yo people are too fucking uptight and a bunch of fucking cry babies. That’s how I feel you don’t have to like it but it’s posted.

  7. stupid bitch. thought coz she was popular again she could get away with anything. we love your sassy attitude its one of your best features but fuck sake roseanne…. wind your cocky neck in.

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