‘Roseanne’ Spinoff ‘The Conners’ Headed to ABC Without Roseanne Barr

The Conners will return to the small screen without their controversial matriarch.

Following weeks of speculation and negotiations, ABC confirmed Thursday night that it had picked up a Roseanne spinoff for fall 2018. The series, tentatively titled The Conners, will air on the ABC’s 8 p.m. Tuesday slot, replacing the recently canceled Roseanne reboot. Deadline reports John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf, Sara Gilbert, Lecy Goranson, and Michael Fishman will return as cast members. Roseanne Barr—the star and co-executive producer of Roseanne—will reportedly have no financial or creative connection in the upcoming reboot, “after reaching a settlement with series producer Tom Werner.”

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20 thoughts on “‘Roseanne’ Spinoff ‘The Conners’ Headed to ABC Without Roseanne Barr

  1. I’m happy there bringing the show back. I love all the characters especially Jackie, Becky and Dan there hilarious. I love the show and I honestly didn’t find Roseanne as funny like she was when she first started her tv show, she was still funny but I wasn’t cracking up dying like I usually do. I can’t wait to see what they come up with I’m excited.

  2. fuck that show the conner is going flop bad fuck abc fuck werner entertainment fuck those back stabbing assholes and fuck those dick can't take a joke i hope all of those asshole die and a painful way and one more thing fuck that woman that look like amy from congo

  3. They cut all the old episodes where I live. However they still play reruns of the Cosby show. I'm kinda neutral on this, but I thought it was weird. Am I the only one?

  4. I hope to see roseanne CONNER not Barr, who is an actress who plays Roseanne Conner. the character we all like I mean damn how many actors and actresses would we stop liking if we knew the real them outside of any character roles they played we really enjoyed and love so much?probably not many I loved Zack Morris on saved by the Bell but when I got a glimpse of who he really is at the high school celebrity basketball game he played in against our teachers I couldn't stand the dude at all. in fact he was like most of the high school boys at school cocky arrogant and full of himself

  5. I so agree, I hope when all these people who are crucifying Roseanne Barr are completely without any faults when they come before their judgement day. She made a huge mistake but not enough to take her show off and make her feel like shit. Like she was the only one that has ever said something racist. Not!!! I will not watch the show because of how badly they have treated her. To see her cry, how she must be feeling. Do they think maybe hanging herself will be enough punishment and if she did, would they say she got what she deserved. Late night shows trash and are racist to many people but the don't lose ratings. I can only hope this new show is a FLOP!!!

  6. Roseanne's tweet was mean and vicious totally unnecessary Black peoples lives matter they are human with feelings her tweet is very hurtful and painful ABC did the right thing we have come so far over the decades regarding racism and Roseanne will undo all the great things we have accomplished in this country….

  7. Boycott all sponsors for this show. Like it or not, this country is entitled to freedom of speech regardless of it being liberal approved, like Samantha Bees foul-mouthed rantings or not.

  8. Black people get in trouble and their entire family and friends gets punished but we Gotta save white people at all cost. America never really punishes these white celebs that have racist anti black outburst they just get put on time out. Dog the bounty hunter, paula dean, don imus, mel gibson and eventually roseanne. They all had racist incidents n got put on timeout for 5 minutes in the corner then were all allowed to come back with even more support than before.

  9. The first few episodes may get some viewership because of curiosity, but the show will ultimately fail without Rosanne. Few shows survive the removal of a core actor, in this case the show revolved around Roseanne.

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