Rush Limbaugh Discusses George Floyd Protests + The State Of America

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48 thoughts on “Rush Limbaugh Discusses George Floyd Protests + The State Of America

  1. Guaranteed. This Charlemagne person will never achieve what he says he wants. You have to recognize the real world before you can make any change to yourself or those around you. He cannot see anything but the chip on his shoulder. He wants the world to agree that chip is real and fix it for him. Never gonna happen. If racism is systemic, if whites are supremacist, if blacks are oppressed, then no amount of threat or legislation or demonstration or money will make a damn bit of difference. When you look at the world through a colored glass everything will always be colored.

  2. CTH how did you make it? If the U.S is not the land of opportunity the land of the free how did you become dominant in morning drive in American radio 📻

  3. Exploitation: Are any journalists or reporters or celebrates or any ordinary folk aware that "AMAZON Fire streaming" has assigned, on it's home page, the caption inferring that they are supportive of black struggles and doing something helpful in this current time of upheaval(s) entitled "Black Lives Matter" AND under the banner shows several awesome movies and documentaries about black Americans people in America. The films portray humanistic views not exploitative nonsense _AND_I was ready to praise Amazon and clicked on a film to watch _AND_they are not free to watch??? What KIND OF SUPPORT, SOLIDARITY, IMAGE MAKING IS THAT?!!!!! **SHAME ON YOU AMAZON**

  4. This is why we cannot come together because instead of having a healthy debate they start attacking Rush. This is why I listen to Rogan. All Obama promised was HOPE and for black people that’s all we got.

  5. 3 vs 1. How many liberals or conservatives can say that they been able to have these types of tough conversations behind party lines. Wish CTG had the balls to come after John Biden like this. Salute to Russ.

  6. I can see by the comments conservatives are mad. Great conversation BC, you were able to ask questions that was breakdown in layman's terms which surrounded everyday life.

  7. Guys, you stated if what happened to George Floyd happened to a white man, you all would have heard about it, but that’s where you’re lost and simply don’t get what’s happening. The media on the left only puts a spotlight on black police killings by white officers. And it’s usually heavier on election years. But don’t get it confused, the Police kill much more white people armed and unarmed. Guys, this video is of a white male getting choked to death just like George Floyd. His name was Tony Timpa RIP: No one has heard of him. Please wake up!

  8. I’m so glad to see this type of conversation happen with such a figure. This is truly what is all about. I do agree with many that the dialogue did dance around and the breakfast clubs voice was not as strong or prepared as it normally is. Rush actually was a lot more empathetic than expected. I think that a Trevor Noah would have been another voice that could have dealt with this conversation tone on the hard topics white supremacy etc.. yea can we make that happen for the part 2

    I applaud all you all fo at the breakfast club!

  9. My Dad (whom I miss terribly now that he’s gone) and I used to have lively political conversations with Rush talking in the background. We rarely saw eye to eye and I felt like I was being forced to listen to Rush against my will. My father used to tease me by calling me a Socialist (I am a Social Worker). So to hear RL admit that George Floyd was murdered feels so strange to me. But it’s a good thing.

  10. What can we do? Start loving your people and love all people. If you used to give a quarter to the guy or girl begging at the store give them a $5 bill from now on. If you used to give a $5 bill? Give them a 20. If you used to give them a 20? Give them a hundred. If you used to give them a hundred? Give them a stack. What I'm saying is step your game up from where you're at. Don't give somebody something that you do not want

  11. 1.They need to create laws that give consequences to the law enforcers and other officials of the gov. Like..If a law enforcer kill anyone without a weapon automatically get charged 1st degree murder.
    2.Another law need to be created is..Pepper spray need to be illegal to have or use on a human being.
    3.It should be illegal to put your knee on anyone whether you are a cop or not. Especially if the person has NO weapon.
    4. It should be against the law to have ppl of prosecution that work for the system ..judge their own ppl whom also work for the system. Thats conflict of interest. They are not gonna fully prosecute and judge fairly according to the nongov citizens.

    This is a list of laws we need to ask for. If ppl gonna protest, WE GOT TO ASK FOR SOMETHING…TO ENCOUNTER THE NEXT TIME.

  12. George Floyd and the Police officer that has been been charged with his murder. Had known each other prior to the fateful day that Mr Floyd was killed. They once worked at a night club alongside each other as security.

  13. How to have power over another party in 21st century with reduced violence. Make the other party feel guilty for the past doing. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Two party’s having a resemble and respectable conversation without emotions being involved is impossible, yet a really good start to our future together.

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