Russ Questions Why More Artists Don’t Model Careers After JAY Z

LOS ANGELES, CA – Fresh off of the release of his latest album Shake the Snow Globe, Russ stopped by The Rap Pack podcast for an in-depth conversation with hosts Carl Chery, Trent Clark and Jon Tanners.

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38 thoughts on “Russ Questions Why More Artists Don’t Model Careers After JAY Z

  1. Remember, Jay-Z couldn't be signed when he first came out.
    Seeing how Jay-Z and Dame talk and move , I could imagine record labels didn't want anything to do with such a contract.
    But, I always wondered how would have Jay-Z's career flourished if he took the first contract offered, seeming like these other artists.

  2. The guy sold coke and bought a studio off of dirty drug money. Should we follow in those footsteps? Shoot your own brother? Stab record producers? Cmon people dont let the money blind you.

  3. Russ made a GREAT point! The industry has definitely gone rock n roll lifestyle. But I'm sure this is also part of the agenda. They infiltrated the NAACP, and now RAP. It's not even our culture and movement anymore because everyone has taken it and watered it down. Rappin to the Black Community is like Tacos to the Mexican community. You can't have 1 without the other!

  4. Most these people blowing up are like 14-22. Jay was 26 and loaded and surrounded by good people. Most people you hear about now are signed to labels not independent like how jay was at the start.

  5. I wouldn't care to model my career after Jay-Z. In my opinion he is just a better business man than a rapper. I know that making good business is part of being an artist but I would never want to be a sellout like Jay-Z just for the sake of it.

  6. The problem is honestly to many people dick ride Jay-Z choosing your own path in this game is the way to go a lot of young men have identity issues so the look to be like someone else instead of being themselves

  7. Jays Career can’t be duplicated! Think about it! * Starting in the the “2nd Golden era” of Hip Hip (the 90’s) * Having a power manager like Dame Dash * Having superstar produces like Kanye West, Just Blaze, ect.. * filling a humongous void left by a rap ICON (BIG). There’s too many to list, JayZ was a lightning strike.. and it ain’t happening again. But on the surface I see what he means.

  8. Most rappers in the generation below Meek's generation probably don't even really pay attention to Jay-Z. But there are artist that are still making strives towards ownership and good business practices. I just also think it's a hard thing to do. Not everyone can be a boss.

  9. Because Jay Z & Diddy play a cut-throat game.

    Remember JayZ cut off Dame and Diddy has talked about how he'll acquisition a friends company no problem (meaning that friend no longer makes money off it)

    Young dudes dont follow JayZ because it's a high risk – high reward strategy.

  10. JayZ offering field trips or handing out cheat notes? Aspiration can go only so far. To follow or model JayZ’s career, requires a bit of assistance. Not simply encouragement, either. If JayZ isn’t inclined to share or provide a sort of map, then he’s not the one who’s model needs highlighting.

  11. Like those kids got a brain to think about a career.. They just trying to make a bag while it lasts.. There is no loyalty in the world left we consume and throw away.. As we do with 1 day flie artists..

  12. His right, do you know there are shit load of white people from a whole range of industries that have modelled there career off of Jay Z. The guy gets money and he get business. The guy is friends with Warren Buffet, that should tell you all you need to know. Black people have plenty of role models they just chose the negative ones because that's "cool". Why set a billion dollar empire and chill with financial elites when you can be in a trap house slanging dope for couple hundred dollars a week.

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