Russell Westbrook Averages Triple-Double (Again); NBA Playoff Predictions | Out of Bounds

On today’s show, Gilbert Arenas and the #OutofBounds boys catch NBA playoff fever! But first, they discuss a curious cosmetic/medical trend that shows just how lost, vain, and celebrity-obsessed humanity is. With the 2017–18 NBA regular season in the books, OOB takes a closer look at the Eastern Conference matchups. Gil is intrigued by one in particular, but also throws water on the idea of another potential “upset” and dissects the sure-to-be-hyped LeBron-Lance Stephenson showdown. Plus, the guys make their picks for which team is coming out of the East. Before discussing the Western Conference playoffs, the team reacts to Russell Westbrook grabbing a career-high 20 rebounds last night to become the first player in NBA history to average a triple-double twice. A hand wave from one host leads to a heated defense of Brodie and his hustle. Plus, Gil explains why the triple-double average was MVP-worthy last season but not this one. Next, OOB breaks down the playoff matchups in the West, and Gil makes a case for the Spurs against the Warriors before throwing water on Pierce’s Rockets-T’wolves intrigue. As with the East, the crew shares their picks for the team that will make it to the Finals, then adds who they think is winning it all. Finally, in “Fair or Foul?” the guys weigh in on the Miami Marlins claiming foreign citizenship in the Caribbean to wiggle out of a lawsuit with local Miami and Miami-Dade governments. Everybody feels strongly about the story, but Gil’s take is…something else. Following that up, the squad asks how new Marlins owner Derek Jeter is doing so far. Let’s just say life isn’t as charmed as it was in Yankees pinstripes.

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31 thoughts on “Russell Westbrook Averages Triple-Double (Again); NBA Playoff Predictions | Out of Bounds

  1. I love how theres so many analysts that talk bad about Westbrook but none of them even played college ball?!? I just don't get how they can criticize an NBA player especially the caliber of Westbrook when they probably cant even do simple basketball drills lol. Its beyond me

  2. love this show. I don't think Gil is always right, but he is 100% real and I respect that so much. His stories are also awesome. He gives no Fs and pulls no punches. Keep it up!

    Adam and Pierce do a great job as well.

    I also love when Matt Barnes is on or calls in. Great contributor to the show.

  3. My how easy it is to dismiss greatness…those many rebounds Russ went in like an animal and TOOK from bigs on the opposing team!! BS…We SEE Russ on the offensive glass…He is so aggressive that his teammates back off…we just heard Gil tell the story of the Big on his team checking him like you come down here you are gonna catch one…these are my rebounds…Russ is dominant…maybe to the detriment of his teammates growth and at a risk to his own health/stamina BUT There lack of a Head Coach IS the issue not Russ…

    F you two lames form hand waiving that…that is a sucka thing to do…

  4. Gilbert is such a stupid fuck. He's literally the only NBA player I have ever seen that knows less about the NBA than a casual fan. This is why your dumb fuck ass is banned from everything NBA and you're forgotten, dumb shit.

  5. I’m with Gil one this, y’all just disrespecting and trying to disvalue what this had been able to do like any other joe can do it in the NBA

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