Ryan Reynolds Will Produce a Stoner Comedy Inspired by ‘Home Alone’

Home Alone re-imagined as a stoner flick? Yes, please.

According to an exclusive Deadline report, 20th Century Fox is developing an irreverent comedy inspired by the 1990 cult holiday classic. It’s called Stoned Alone, and will reportedly be produced by Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds.

The plot will revolve around a 20-something pothead who misses his flight for a holiday vacation. The weed-growing protagonist decides he’ll instead spend his free time getting high at home; however, his plans are derailed by a number of thieves who break into his house. He then takes cues from Kevin McCallister and devises a plan to protect his abode.

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32 thoughts on “Ryan Reynolds Will Produce a Stoner Comedy Inspired by ‘Home Alone’

  1. common ..he…that must be funny! as real life and character life…it is ironical….this guy when he slipped down to the condition he is in during his life and then featuring in this film is kind of the ultimate joke. Also good for that character admitting what he have become not give a crap about it and meantime showing how not to do it to the young…

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  4. The way the title comes up before clicking, "Ryan Reynolds will produce a stoner…" made me think between Blake and Ryan…probably…itll be a phase but…yeah

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