RZA Tried to Buy Back That Very Expensive Wu-Tang Album From Martin Shkreli

It all started in 2015, when former hedge fund manager—and now convicted felon—Martin Shkreli paid $2 million for the uber-rare Wu-Tang album, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin.

At the time, the Abbot of Wu-Tang, RZA, thought it wise to follow in the footsteps of peers like Jay-Z, who sold his Magna Cart Holy Grail in a deal with Samsung, in an attempt to make music valuable in an era of streaming. Of course, RZA could’ve never predicted that the Hip-Hop supergroup’s new project could fall in the hands of a character like Martin Shkreli. So, when the project eventually hit eBay, RZA tried to buy it back.

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22 thoughts on “RZA Tried to Buy Back That Very Expensive Wu-Tang Album From Martin Shkreli

  1. RZA himself said he didn't care if his worst enemy bought it he would not regret it. He said he could not judge anyone's appreciation or outlook on art, or try to stop anyone from possessing the album if they wanted it and bought it fair in an auction. So why would he try to bug it back. Makes no sense.

  2. so you're telling me theres only one copy of these albums? if not, why not just re do it? sorry if this sounds dumb… just honestly curious what the big deal is here

  3. How and why is this album so expensive and is there other copies of the album or just one. I'm saying like wtf is free of speech Spoken word into songs idk I'm just Lost I guess but no one making the news on buying MLK original speeches or real footage of him what about the real documents of Rosa Park who wants real him I know I do.

  4. Part of the original sale to Martin said that he couldn't sell the rights to anyone. If it's sold it's returned to RZA. So RZA has legal possession again!

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