Sacha Baron Cohen, of Borat and Ali-G Fame ,Teases New Trump-Trashing Project

Satirizing anthropomorphic pieces of fecal matter is no easy task, but Sacha Baron Cohen appears to have taken on the challenge.

Wednesday, around the time I started realizing I was a bit too smacked off tequila to properly explain why I suddenly wanted to listen to Fastball’s 1998 bop “The Way” on repeat, Cohen tweeted out a video teasing some sort of Trump-related mockery he’s been working on.

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46 thoughts on “Sacha Baron Cohen, of Borat and Ali-G Fame ,Teases New Trump-Trashing Project

  1. You cant tell me that Trump doesnt know Cohen is trolling as Ali G? See his face and hear his responses to the ice gloves. He is totally aware. This is just ANOTHER example of the left thinking Trump is stupid, when he is actually way smarted then them.

  2. The biggest challenge with going after Trump is that he's late to the party, everyone else already did it, which means he has to up his game if he wants to stand out. We'll see what he does.

  3. is the title diluted america, if im younger than 16 or older than but cannot form my own opinions, repeating what my dad says or the pundits that tell him what to think makes me smart amongst my peers and gives me nourishment i can only get when i know im manipulating my inferiority complex and self into a position of power or conceptualized power lmao merica youve dropped the ball soo far off you dont know when you did or where and now you cant seem to find it or even remember what it was like to have held it

  4. How original. How Brave. Give this man the emmy, now.
    In all seriousness, come on Cohen. You can do better than the generic "bash Trump, create controversy" technique every liberal comedian uses to try and make a comeback

  5. Oh. A washed up comedian unfunnily moaning about Drumpf for the 4000th time this week. How exciting. I hope Trump loses the next election so we can be done with Hollywood taking a 4 year hiatus to whine about shit no one cares about and get back to getting some decent to watch.

  6. If he goes about it borat and Bruno style in character doing improv stunts around actual people it will start as a joke and then he will get red pilled. Eventually he will demand a full brexit and become a pm.

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