Sacramento Police Dashcam Video Of Violent Jaywalking Arrest

** (Disclaimer: Video posted strictly for educational and information purposes only) **
Sacramento police have just released the dashcam video of the violent arrest of Nandi Cain Jr. on Monday in Del Paso Heights. This video is the first that’s been released that shows the arrest from the police department’s perspective. You can hear the officer demand Cain to get down to the ground. And Cain’s response, “I don’t have nothing.” The take down has sparked anger and demands for answers from the Sacramento Police Department. The arrest was also discussed at Tuesday night’s Sacramento City Council Meeting. The responding sergeant said when he reviewed the dashcam video after the incident, he was troubled by what he saw and alerted superiors.

The “disturbing” and unreasonable actions of the officer, a two-year veteran of the department, were not within policy, Sacramento police said in a statement. The officer was already on unpaid administrative leave as a result of the incident and will now be subject to a criminal investigation. Sacramento’s police chief said the department is conducting a criminal investigation of the officer. The chief said they will turn the results of the investigation over to the Sacramento County DA’s office, and the district attorney will make a decision on whether charges will be filed. Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg asked what would have happened if no one caught the incident on camera, and called the incident “disturbing.”

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