Salt-N-Pepa Talk Sisterhood In Music, Maturity, New Biopic + More

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22 thoughts on “Salt-N-Pepa Talk Sisterhood In Music, Maturity, New Biopic + More

  1. Ladies please leave your face alone! Pep does not even look like the same person. They should be ashamed for leaving out Spinderella. Not allowing her to have a say in this biopic is a bust.

  2. I like the question breakfast Club ask about meagan thee stallion how when this error put out sexual things and don't nothing get said then the late 80s and 90s female was getting judge, salt and peppers was born in the 60s that was the Motown era when they were trying to clean up they act for white America but when hip hop came in the Motown era thought it was degrading my mother did, any way salt and pepper broke down barriers for lady hip hop and that's why megan thee stallion can do what she do.

  3. I’m sorry I grew. Up with salt and pepper we are the same age! For me it was always salt and pepper spinderella wasn’t a major figure to me!!!

  4. I think the ladies in the movie played them well. From interviews and their reality show they've always kept the same energy.

    I don't know why but this is the first time I'm realizing Pepa doesn't form full sentences.

  5. Didn’t watch it and don’t intend to, so sick of women not being tight, obviously I don’t know what the beef with Spinderella is but when I think of that group my vision is with her in it.

  6. That was a lot!! Peppa is an energy snatcher. That’s why she has so much energy. I’m drained after watching that. Hell everybody looked drained at the end but her.

  7. Perhaps this story should have been a 3 part mini series so that more of their life story could have been told to make it more complete. I did enjoy traveling back with Salt-N-Pepa saga telling their personal lives and struggles in the music business. Loved it!!!!

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