Samuel L Jackson On Glass, Donald Trump’s Bad Wall Idea & More

On the cusp of the release of the Glass, Complex News’ Speedy Morman sat down with Samuel L. Jackson, Sarah Paulson, James McAvoy, and the cast of Glass to talk about the film, their roles, and Donald Trump.

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26 thoughts on “Samuel L Jackson On Glass, Donald Trump’s Bad Wall Idea & More

  1. With all his money, Samuel alienates himself from the real world. He likely doesn't care that black unemployment is at a record low and that a prison reform bill was just passed, as well as an urban renewal bill. Better than what Obama has done. And Trump's approval ratings among blacks has more than tripled since he was elected.

  2. Samuel Jackson is a foul mouth disgusting ignorant racist moron, I have always been so annoy by his negative attitude. He needs to be put under a 72 hour psychiatric hold? take a Psychological Evaluation and get allot and I mean allot of help. Just another black person wanting to stay in the news, that Conceited, Arrogant SOB hasn't done a damn thing for black people but take their money at the box office. He is nothing but a worthless self righteous stupid old black man so you can just take your stinky ass to another country and take your white lady friend with you.

  3. I did have respect for this guy until his comment on health care saying we all should get free health care so when he family get sick they won’t call my rich ass and quote wow are u that greedy makes no sense people get money and turn greedy I would pay for my family medical or medicine In a heart beat if it was gonna make them better we need to hold people like him accountable for how they are and what they say trump 2020

  4. In December, Samuel L. Jackson said on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” of Trump, “If that motherf***er becomes president I will move my black ass to South Africa.” Such a shame he didn’t follow through with his promise…

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