Sara Jay: We Should Be Able to Show T*ts on TV – Veteran porn actress Sara Jay sat down with VladTV where she shared her thoughts on men wearing skirts/kilts in Hip-Hop and the country getting more comfortable with outward nudity.
When asked her opinion on men wearing skirts, Sara first points out that rock stars used to wear kilts all the time, especially ’80s punk bands. She rejects Lord Jamar’s idea that because a skirt is the international symbol of women’s bathrooms that it should be an indicator of what men shouldn’t wear, saying that she prefers to wear pants and doubts anyone would tell her to use the men’s room because of it.
She then gets into the new VH1 show, Naked Dating, where contestants are literally nude the entire show, with censors blocking out all private areas except their backsides. Sara feels women’s breast should be able to be seen on regular TV just like men’s chests are.


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