Selena Gomez And Bella Hadid Finally SQUASH Their Beef?!

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Can an entire celeb-packed beef be squashed with just an instagram like?

Hey Guys, it’s Sussan Mourad here back on Clevver News, and let me tell you something – I’m pretty sure Instagram holds the key to world peace… or something like that.

Bella Hadid recently liked a photo of Selena Gomez on Instagram. Since the internet is, well, the internet, everyone was quick to notice and come to one conclusion: all that drama over the Weeknd must be old news.

Selena’s makeup artist Hung Vanngo posted a picture of Selena making her Cannes Film Festival debut.

Side note, how HOT did Selena look BTW?? I admittedly spent an undisclosed amount of my time yesterday drooling over these new pics. Moving on..

Bella is no stranger to the Cannes Film Festival herself- so she definitely knows what it’s like to be there, walking that red carpet.

Perhaps that’s part of what made her feel a kinship with Selena, and inspired her to throw Selena a LIKE? Yes you guys, as we’ve said before, a LIKE in the world of Instagram is worth more than 1000 words!

If you don’t remember what their drama was, please sit back as I take you down memory lane.

Bella and The Weeknd started dating sometime in 2015. A year later, in late 2016, they broke up (remember that awkward moment at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show when he sang alongside his ex? Yikes.)

Then in early 2017, The Weeknd was spotted kissing Selena in Santa Monica. When that news broke, Bella unfollowed Selena.
(And I can’t blame her- who would want to be following someone that might start posting pictures of themselves making out with my ex, right?)

After less than a year of dating, though, Selena and The Weeknd called it quits.

Here’s where things got even more juicy.

TWO weeks after that breakup, he was spotted leaving Bella’s apartment in New York. This was around the time there were sort-of rumors, possibly real factoids, that Selena and Justin Bieber were getting back together.

(Obviously that never worked out itself.)

Anyway, fast forward and Bella and the Weeknd got back together and have been going strong ever since.

And now, she’s clearly over whatever hard feelings she may have had toward Selena. At least, that’s what it seems like, according to the world of Instagram.

So what do you guys think of all this? Do you think everyone’s reading too much into a “like” – or is Bella just signaling that she’s over all the drama? Let us know in the comments below! You can also find me on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube at Sussan_Mourad.

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