Serena Williams Breaks Down Her Most Iconic Tennis Matches | GQ Sports

GQ cover star Serena Williams takes us through her twenty-year career and some of her most iconic matches. Serena breaks down some of her most legendary moments, including her matches against Monica Seles in the 1997 Ameritech Cup, Irena Spîrlea in the 1998 Australian Open, Martina Hingis in the 1999 U.S. Open, Kim Clijsters in the 2001 Tennis Masters Series Indian Wells, Venus Williams in the 2003 Australian Open,

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Serena Williams Breaks Down Her Most Iconic Tennis Matches | GQ Sports


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29 thoughts on “Serena Williams Breaks Down Her Most Iconic Tennis Matches | GQ Sports

  1. In 99, although Hingis was so dominant and the no. 1 player in the world Serena was equally impressive winning 5 tournaments that year. No other tennis player has yet to achieve such a remarkable 2nd year after their honeymoon since Serena did it in 99. Players having been failing miserably to reproduce or defend their wins in their debut year.

  2. Lmao sucks that all shes going to be remembered for by a lot of people is complaining and saying she got cheated cause shes a woman. But not just any woman. A woman who cheated and got caught.

  3. Funny how Serena garbles her reference to her "first Serena slam." She obviously thinks of it that way, but perhaps she realizes what an arrogant term it is. Very disrespectful to other legends of the game.

  4. Sad that Serena and her family are still playing the race card over Indian Wells in 2001. Many thought that Venus had pulled out of their semifinal to let Serena win, which is hardly inconceivable. Yet the booing was racist, because the crowd was mostly white people? I have zero respect for that argument, which is in itself racist.

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