SF Police Officer Bodycam Video of Shootout With Homicide Suspect

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San Francisco police on Tuesday released new officer body camera video of a chaotic officer-involved shooting that resulted in no injuries earlier this month. The footage shows officers in a shootout with a homicide suspect inside an RV on a city street Feb. 17. Seven officers fired 65 rounds after suspect Joel Armstrong fired two shots from inside the RV, police said. Police recovered a gun from inside the RV. No one was hurt. Police were looking for Armstrong, 31, in connection with an earlier deadly shooting and carjacking in the Panhandle neighborhood. They found the stolen truck parked by the RV at De Haro and Alameda, an area filled with people living in vehicles and tents. After a two-hour standoff, shots were fired. Nearby residents say they would like to see the area cleaned up. “I know it’s bad to have assumptions about homeless, but they scare me,” Olivia Yang said. At a community meeting Tuesday night, the police department told the community it will continue to work with city partners to address the homeless issue. Armstrong has been charged with murder and eight counts of attempted murder.

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