SGE Kash on his favorite Meal to Cook | Worldstar On Wax

SGE Kash tells us what his favorite meal to cook is on WSHH’s Worldstar On Wax.
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43 thoughts on “SGE Kash on his favorite Meal to Cook | Worldstar On Wax


    Sorry for being that guy but I’m trying my hardest to get my first visual to 2k views and I’m 150 views away from my goal. If you would be kind enough to spare a minute to give it a quick view I really would appreciate it. Thank you and STAY SAFE OUT THERE

  2. I waited almost the whole video to see if he can really cook and this man said "RAMEN I HOOK DAT UP" but he does have bars

  3. bruh my music not even bad i got actual bars(won’t disappoint)πŸ”₯, i’m just trynna make it πŸ’• give me a chanceπŸ˜” and my bump my shit! β€œGod’s Child” Out Now

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