Shaquille O’Neal Advises LeBron Not to Make Same Mistakes

Shaquille O’Neal has some solid career advice for Lebron James and he’s speaking from personal experience.

The retired Hall of Fame center spent the last few seasons of his 19-year career chasing championships and hopping from team to team. He does not want James, 33, to make the same mistake.

In an interview with ESPN on Friday night, O’Neal explained, “My problem toward the end of my career was I was trying to shut everybody up and I was greedy. After I got to three [titles], everybody was saying I couldn’t get another. So I got four. After I got the fourth, they were saying I couldn’t get another one. So I was trying to make quick stops to get it. Phoenix, Cleveland, Boston.”

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44 thoughts on “Shaquille O’Neal Advises LeBron Not to Make Same Mistakes

  1. Ain’t nobody say this to KD, but when it comes to Bron it’s not about rings now, when every media outlet is dogging him for not beating the Warriors this year. Rings mean a lot in the NBA, so why act like it doesn’t.

  2. the difference between shaq and lebron is that shaq wasn’t able to contribute much when he went to those teams because he wasn’t as agile as before. you still good bron. like fine wine they say

  3. Shaq is an idiot that's exactly why Kobe ended up having a down fall late in his career LeBron if you have to leave then leave he's pretty much a mercenary at this point I just want to see something else other than another Cavs vs Warriors finals.

  4. Shaq full of crap….LeBron thinking about Steph legacy vs his 😂😂no bubble head he's not you and Kobe…your fat ass jumped on Boston and Clevelands back trying to catch Kobe…LBJ is still best in the league…and you want him to waste that carrying bums playing 46 mins a game….he'd be a damn fool like you

  5. Shaq is OBVIOUSLY trying to induct LBJ into the fold = join the cult of corporate sellouts that do so to maintain their lifestyles & wealth without actually doing anything of worth! Shaq just put it out their that LBJ needs to EMBARRASS himself on purpose so that his masters know that he's willing to do whatever they want so that he'll be loyal within their group ultimately = Shaq is a complete sellout & it's really sad to see! #DaFacts

  6. The only problem with Shaq's advice is that LBJ is still the best player in the league. He can go to just about any team and make them a championship contender. Shaq was still a decent player in Miami but he rode the back of a young D. Wade who was a top 5 player at that time.

  7. He has his nerve…Hey, Shaq just continue trying to intimate Barkley on TNT and let LeBron solidify his career. I was a big supporter of KD decision, before he opened his arrogant ass mouth. Even Golden State GM called him out for ring chasing in so many words. If Lebron goes to L.A, hopefully with Kawai Leonard..I wouldn't call that ring chasing. Assembly talent don't always work out, just ask O.K.C. Clearly, it's not a guarantee.

  8. LeBron should go to the Knicks or the Clippers to win a championship and end one of their curses but then again he should stay in his hometown and win more rings.

  9. Of the starters the Cavs need to keep are Love and Thompson. Calderon if wants to keep playing would be a good second string leader, the newer young guys just need more play time. I think LeBron James can do more good in Ohio then if he moves out of state.

  10. Lebron is different then shaq. Shaq was fine with playing past his prime. Lebron not trynna do that the day lebron cant perform at a high level is the day he retire imo. So i doubt he would ring chase like shaq did. But i do think he leaving Cleveland though he not trynna let golden state keep dominating lmaoo

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