Shawn Mendes’ Gets ‘Wrinkly’ & ‘Old’ Looking Wax Figure Made Of Himself!

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If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to hold hands with THE Shawn Mendes, well, it may just be your lucky day…

What’s up guys, it’s Emile Ennis Jr. back here on Clevver News, and IDK about you, but I just booked my flight to Berlin to feast upon Shawn Mendes’ new wax figure where you can literally hold his hand. Ok so I didn’t book a flight, but I AM taking donations to do so.

Also I should mention that it’s not actually Shawn, but his wax figure that just debuted at Madame Tussaud’s famous wax museum in Berlin, Germany. That is your next best option, unless you’re, like, Camila Cabello.

Unlike the epic FLOP that was Ariana Grande’s wax figure earlier this year, the museum spiced it up a little bit, allowing fans to actually interact with Shawn 2.0.

Now I know what you’re thinking.. OMG this is awesome, which it is… but like Ariana Grande’s epic wax figure flop… Shawn’s is also a bit of a flop!

For starters … they placed the wax figure laying down on the ground, and fans are saying he looks dead!

To be fair, this is supposed to be a nod to his “In My Blood” music video. In case you don’t remember, here it is.

Yes, you can actually lay down beside him and gaze up at the ceiling hand-in-hand. Dreamy or creepy??

Shawn joins a number of A-Listers at the Berlin Madame Tussaud’s including Nicole Kidman, Johnny Depp, George Clooney and Angelina Jolie… apparently only Camila is missing… which I’m assuming she’s not at all jealous of considering the two have been spending plenty of time together in recent weeks.

While these other famous wax figures are pretty spot on … some Shawn fans have mixed opinions about their beloved icon!

Many have dubbed the piece of art as “creepy” as he lay lifeless on the ground, like a corpse. One attached a photo with the caption, “it kinda scares me,” while another wrote, “this is so creepy he looks dead.”

I mean, they’re not wrong?

Other Twitter users pointed out that Shawn’s wax figure looks “old and wrinkly.” Like this user who said: “Why does he look wrinkly?”

Or this user who gave it to us straight: “He looks old”

Maddame Tussaud… you may have slightly missed the mark, but I bet the experience is still worth it.

I do have onnnneee request though… Shawn, if you’re listening, when I gain the funds to actually come visit this museum… just take a page out of Zendaya’s book…

I would lose my mind if that happened. Like actual sobbing would occur. Ok so I’m curious to get your opinion on Shawn’s wax figure… is this new interactive concept cool to you, or does he actually look like a lifeless human in a drawer of a morgue? Ok that was a stretch, but I know you have strong thoughts on the matter, so get to talking down here in the comments.

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